1. PRE ICO to obtain a hard cap of € 2.1 M (see funding) 
  2. ICO to tenfold the value of the PRE-ICO (see funding)
  3. Research, development and production of examples for promotion purposes (see planning)
  4. Marketing and promotion in order to increase the value of the H2 coin (see funding and planning)
  5. Support of the H2 coin by the Hygen Back-Up Foundation / dealing room (see funding)
  6. Execute planning and build infrastructure (see planning)


There are around 820 million people in the world that are hungry and thirsty every day,, year in year out. Of this population some 30 to 40 million people are in immediate distress every year. The estimated number of children dying from hunger this year is over 600.000! Most of these human beings are located on the “non-green strip” in Africa. Between the Sahara and the jungle below.

After our PRE-ICO, the proceeds of € 2.1 M will be spent on the promotion of the Hygen Foundation, but also to get answers to a number of crucial questions.

A new website will be developed specifically for the ICO so that the crowd sale will be a success. In addition, it is important that the goals  of the foundation are made specific and visible to the world. The following showcase models will be presented to the press, crowd funders and investors:

  1. A petrol engine car converted to hydrogen
  2. A diesel engine boat converted to hydrogen
  3. A self sufficient house using solar energy and hydrogen production (both for energy storage and fuel for refueling the car and the boat)
  4. A fast sailing boat on hydrofoils with hydrogen cells to drive electric jet engines (hydrogen production on board, driven by solar energy)

Yes, transport of salt water using solar energy is feasible, even over many kilometers. Yes, production of potable water is possible in the Sahara at low cost and, above all, maintenance-free. This topic deserves special attention because the most common method (reverse osmosis) is also the most expensive. Less costly alternatives (shock electrodialysis) for desalination are available but must be checked for scalability.
Yes, hydrogen production is possible in the Sahara for energy storage or as fuel. Yes, a petrol or a diesel car can run on hydrogen. Yes, heating is possible using hydrogen as fuel or as electric source for a heat pump. High-end samples using solar energy, desalination and hydrogen at minimum costs. These examples and possibilities will generate a lot of attention via the media but also on social media.
In collaboration with the PRE-ICO participants, we will also map in detail where the most urgent locations are situated and how Hygen can build a salt water pipeline as easily as possible, including the local infrastructure for solar and hydrogen production.

On the basis of their experience the PRE-ICO participants and experts will also be able to help Hygen to avoid the most predictable political pitfalls in every region. Predictable problems with civil engineering due to local geographic obstacles still have to be investigated.
Win Win for everybody: sustainable aid for Africa, Pre ICO investors, Hygen Foundation and  crowd-sale investors.

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