HYGEN (H2) CRYPTO COIN                               


HYGEN has launched its own crypto coin: an ERC20 token under Ethereum contract. The intention of this Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a market cap of 120 million coins starting at € 1,- a coin is the following:

  1. 60 million coins are reserved for the HYGEN foundation
  2. 21 million are reserved for the Pre-ICO at € 0,10 a coin
  3. 39 + 60 million coins are available for the ICO or crowd sale – individual  buyers- at € 1,- a coin during a limited period of 1 month.

How it works.  Individual buyers can start buying coins as a form of crowd funding or aid support but also as an investment at € 1,- per coin. Prior to this ICO the HYGEN foundation will make an effort to convince selected global funding organisations to buy H2 coins from the HYGEN foundation at € 0,10. This PRE-ICO  investment on part of our early investors / funding organisations will justify the coin value of € 1,- and subsequently increase the value of the coin. HYGEN is currently  approaching the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, UNICEF and the Red Cross and all other main aid funds. So, both the PRE-ICO and the ICO are to be considered strictly as a (crowd) fundrasing in exchange for a return in H2 coins. After closure of the ICO period of 1 month, H2 can be traded and will be available on the open market.

PRE ICO payments and refunds. Organisations that promise to participate in the PRE -ICO will be asked to transfer the equivalent in euros only if and when the level of the hard cap of € 2.1 million has been reached. From this moment on HYGEN will execute the project plan regarding all promotion and development activities for an ICO. At the end of each phase in the project, a go/no-go decision will be made. In case of a no-go decision all funds will be refunded on a pro rata basis , minus the expenses already incurred. From the moment the ICO is launched, no refunds will be made.

Guarantees. Please be reassured that HYGEN takes her guarantees seriously. True, the HYGEN foundation needs serious amounts of money to fullfil its goals and mission. The HYGEN foundation will however not cross the boundaries of the market cap of 21 million coins for early investors and global funding organisations or the 39 million coins ment for crowd funding and the supporting Hygen Back Up Foundation or the 60 million coins of the Hygen foundation itself.  All intern market caps are fixed and will stay fixed. Increase of the value of the H2 currency itself is all that matters and currency inflation is out of the question.

External influences. When we look at crypto currency in general today we can conclude a few things. Crypto currency rates are strongly influenced by news from governments that do not like financial transactions that they do not have sight of or by organisations that fear competition and thus do not accept crypto coins to be part of their usual trading instruments. This results in a particularly volatile market. This is partly explained by the fact that in most cases crypto coins have no substantial foundation whatsoever. No government, no country with gold reserves nor an enterprise with assets. In most cases it’s just a group of people who feed each other’s greed and only in very exceptional cases can we speak of an Initial Coin Offering with a purpose. No wonder this kind of crypto coins has been proven to be the moste stable in the past. Hygen (H2) is going to be one of them.

Attention points.

  • ICO coin sales will be divided pro rata (60:39) between the Hygen Foundation and the Hygen Back Up Foundation. Pre ICO owners of coins will be asked to hold their share until after the ICO period of 1 month. ICO coin sales wil be in exchange for Ether, Euros or Dollars in order to enable effectively at least the initiations of the HYGEN foundation’s plans. After the ICO listing on an exchange, the market will determine the price of the H2 Coin.
  • Any conversion of H2 coins into hard currency will cause the value to drop. This is an inevitable result of this financial design. Selling coins will result in a (temporary) reduction in value of the H2 coin due to a lack of trust in the coin. Buying coins will boost its value. Hygen will see to it that the H2 coin is supported by the Hygen Back Up Foundation (initial owner of 39 million tokens) and furthermore will ask owners of global funding organisations to commit themselves to support the currency value if necessary in order to prevent a drop in the value of the coin.

What is the role of this Hygen Back Up Foundation? The founder of Hygen is initially the owner of 38 million coins. This quantity will decrease depending on the ICO because of course some of these coins will go to the crowd sale. After the ICO the owner will donate 60% to the Hygen Back Up foundation.  All the funds of the Hygen Back Up Fundation (coins and hard currency from the ICO) will be used to support the price of Hygen coins if necessary. The Hygen Back Up foundation has its own dealing room to enable this crucial activity.

The Hygen dealing room and how to tackle an extremely volatile market? Exchange rates can go up and down very fast and such a volatile market may seem hard to predict at first sight. Nevertheless there are quite some mathematical instruments that indicate the right moment to step in or out. Compared to for instance futures, crypto currency is easier to handle because future trading changes per second while a blockchain transaction is only concluded after minutes. This means that the loss of time due to internet delay no longer applies. Hygen software supports indicators for Bollinger bands, Fibonacci, MACD, Elliot wave and Stochastic analysis, supported by an exponential moving average. The only technique we will use in our dealing room is scalping. This means that we only take profits in an upward market so that the value of the H2 currency always remains intact.

Manipulation risk? Supporting our own currency is NOT considered illegal because it’s within the regulatory limits of influencieng an exchange rate. Buy orders from the Hygen Back Up foundation cannot (impossible with blockchain technology) and will not be cancelled and are  therefore subject to the same risk if and when the exchange rate collapses. Furthermore if Hygen does not make prior announcements to the outside world nobody is disadvantaged. There is no damage done and we’re only making sure that the exchange rate keeps increasing and thus the value of the Hygen (H2) coin increases.

Why is this approach so beautiful? Because each aid organisation only has to pay a fraction of the normal investment and can simply take advantage of the increase in the price of the coin. For them that is a multiplier. At the same time, individual (crowd funding) investors benefit from the investment of aid organisations. This will result in a price increase as well. The Hygen Foundation benefits from each and every rate increase and in this way has the potential to become one of the largest aid funds in the world, supported by the Hygen Back Up Foundation.

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in the near future H2 coins can be traded or bought on Binance and other exchanges. Of course you can open your own wallet at